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Meridian Biotech is an industrial biotechnology company.

It is the developer, owner, and exclusive licensor of the MTech SCP Process, a sustainable extraction and microbial production process.

Corn Maize Labyrinth
Corn Maize Labyrinth
Varieties of Grain

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Peter Drucker, Austrian Management Consultant 


The Global Challenge

The population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, placing increased pressure on the world's limited resources to feed the world.To meet food demand, global ag output will need to increase by as much as 70% and the demand for protein is particularly concerning. 

Our Mission

To develop a platform with multiple commercial pathways creating sustainable value-added products to meet tomorrow's global food security shortage.



The proprietary technology has been proven to repurpose a variety of negative organic waste streams or low-value products from ethanol production and alcohol distilleries to produce non-GMO single cell protein alternative protein products and derivatives for use as high-value feed ingredients and additives in the global aquaculture and companion animal feed industries.


Meridian produces high-value single cell proteins for the aquaculture  (specifically shrimp and salmon) and pet food markets.

Dog Food


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hand of a farmer giving fertilizer to young green plants _ nurturing baby plant with chemi


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